Secret – Online Dating Tips For Guys!

You want some great online dating tips for guys?

Good thing you found this article! I wrote this one for the guys out there who think online dating is really lame and are afraid to admit that they are interested, or actively participating in it – but are afraid to let people know.

Online dating is nothing to be ashamed of!

You know why?

The best thing about being online is that when your profile is being viewed, it’s by SOMEONE ELSE INTERESTED IN ONLINE DATING AS WELL.

So that means, if the hot babes you see are using online dating sites, and they are viewing your profile, that means she’s interested in online dating too.

If a hot girl is not ashamed of being online, then why should you?

So that’s one of the best tips I can give you, be confident about what you’re doing! There are very few people out there, if any, that go onto these sites just to make fun of you and put you down.

So get out there and be active!

1. Create a girl friendly profile
2. Include a girl friendly display pic
3. Contact cute women in a non sleazy way
4. Get dating!

If other people are negative and put you down about it, well big deal! You’re the one that’s going to be getting all these quality dates and they are the ones who are trying to be the “sleazy guy” trying to “pickup” at a bar. Now who looks worse? You or them?

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